ver wish you could slash off even just one chore
and do something else with your time for a change?

Is it possible to get rid of doing your laundry at least once a week and still live like a normal person? A normal, clothed person?

for only

per pound (24 hr. turnaround)
20 lbs. minimum pick up
per pound (Same day service)
Orders must be picked up before 9:00 AM
for same day delivery by 6:00 PM.
30 lbs Minimum for same day order


your clothes will

  • - get picked up from your place or from wherever else according to your convenience
  • - get sorted according to whites and coloreds
  • - get washed, dried, fluffed, folded and packed
  • - get delivered to your doorstep fresh, clean and ready for use once more

Just think

an extra few hours of your time for something that is more worth it.